Jacqueline & Ralph's Slimming World Success - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Slimming World

Jacqueline & Ralph’s Slimming World Success

This week we hear from Jacqueline and Ralph. They have recently completed their first 12 weeks at Slimming World after receiving a FREE voucher from Achieve. By spurring each other on, Jacqueline and Ralph are now starting to get back into exercising and are feeling all the younger for it!


What did your lifestyle and diet look like before your referral with Achieve?

Our lifestyles had slipped into apathy around of weight and exercise.  Although during the week our menu was fairly healthy, we did regularly eat desserts after our main meals including ice creams and calorific puddings. At the weekends we used to eat more takeaways including Fish & Chips on Fridays and either a Chinese or Indian takeaway on Saturdays. In addition we probably used to drink more and are lots of junk-type snacks such as crisps.

What were your motivations for making healthy lifestyle changes?

Ralph and I decided to embark on our diet programme mainly from a health point of view. Initially Ralph needed the extra push from me to get started. However he soon became quite competitive so we were able to spur each other on.

How did you hear about Achieve and the Slimming World vouchers?

I came across Achieve Oxfordshire on the Oxfordshire County Council Facebook page.

Has your health improved in ways other than weight loss?

It has definitely helped Ralph with his asthma. Since he has lost weight his breathing is so much better. It has probably helped me with not feeling so bloated and I also feel psychologically better about myself.

I also think losing weight has made both Ralph and I look younger. Ralph is coming up to 77 and I am 64 – so see what you think from our photo!

What aspects about the programme did you like?

Both Ralph and I really liked the Slimming World plan because it is so easy to follow. It is also surprising how much you are able to eat.

Slimming World

Are you looking to continue your healthy weight management journey?

Ralph is keen to continue at Slimming World. However, now that we have reached the end of our 12-week vouchers I think that we would also be able to apply what we have learned into our day-to-day lives. We definitely needed a kick start to eat more healthily and lose weight. That’s what we got from Slimming World and Achieve Oxfordshire so I would wholeheartedly recommend the programme.

Would you recommend Achieve Oxfordshire to friends and family?

Yes, I have recommended Achieve Oxfordshire to a friend who was feeling really down about her weight. To date she has lost half a stone. We keep each other informed about how we are doing and share tips on recipes etc.

What is your one key tip for living a healthier lifestyle?

My one key tip is that once you get to your target you can’t go back to your old lifestyle. Once Ralph and I have reached our target weights we will continue to follow the plan Monday to Friday and then be a little more lenient at the weekends. Additionally, we are going to restart swimming sessions and some age appropriate gym sessions.


Slimming World


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