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Get Started

Weight Loss Vouchers copy

12 Week Weight Loss Programme

Need help to get started? Want to follow a trusted and proven scheme?


We have partnered with SLIMMING WORLD and WEIGHT WATCHERS in order to provide you with a kick start to your weight loss.


The FREE 12-week programmes are available at numerous community locations across Oxfordshire.

How we can help you:


The weekly sessions offer a non-judgemental community that will support you with life-long solutions to weight loss. Click ‘Get Started’ to learn more and see if you’re eligible for the free 12 week weight loss vouchers.

Man V Fat Football

Man V Fat

Join the league where losers win! 


Like the idea of being more active but dread the thought of a gym?


Man v Fat is a men’s only weight loss programme that beats the pounds while playing the game. You’d join a league, play a 30 minute weekly game and for every pound lost in your team you score points before you even hit the pitch.


But: you’ve gotta be in it to win it…

How we can help you:


Have fun and lose weight in this active, team sport. Plus, when you join a league, you get access to the MAN V FAT support including an online forum.

Lose weight oxfordshire

Lose Weight With Achieve

Tried it all and need a new approach?


Want to try something different?


If you are feeling stuck and have been battling with your weight for years our lose weight with Achieve may be the one for you.


Lose weight with ACHIEVE is a evidence based weight management programme by our experienced dietician and psychologist.


The sessions tackle weight from all angles:


(1) Gaining knowledge around nutrition

(2) Eating behaviour and what I can change

(3) Activity – sitting less and moving more

How we can help you:


Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for this service.

Why lose weight?


More confidence

Go out and do more

Off the peg

Buy clothes off the peg

As a family

Get active as a family

Reduce pain

Reduce pain

Less breathless

Less breathless