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Working for Thrive Tribe - What to Expect

Working for Thrive Tribe: What To Expect


James began working for Thrive Tribe at Healthy Hearts, the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Service, in West London. He was the Locality Lead for Kensington & Chelsea, managing a dedicated team of Care Planners and Practitioners.


James says, “I very much enjoyed my time with Healthy Hearts. As a Manager and Practitioner, I gained valuable experience and knowledge. I left my post in October 2017 to travel the world for 8 months. I was intending to relocate to the South West of England on my return.


working for thrive tribe


“After returning from my travels, a friend of mine from Healthy Hearts contacted me. He let me know about a role within the new Oxfordshire contract. I was excited about working for Thrive Tribe again, with friends I had made in my previous role. This convinced me to change my plans and apply.


“Despite being in a new area with a different team, I still felt that ‘Thrive Tribe’ feeling as soon as I entered the office. The atmosphere was positive and everyone was passionate about their roles and the clients’ health and wellbeing.


I am excited and motivated to aid the growth and success of the Oxfordshire service. I look forward to what the future holds for Thrive Tribe.”


Experiences like James’s are common when working for Thrive Tribe. The Employee Experience team are dedicated to supporting staff through flexible working environments. Sign up to our mailing list to receive an update when we have a new vacancy within the company.


Check out our Glassdoor employer page to read about more of the experiences our staff are having working with Thrive Tribe!