Wendy's Slimming World Experience - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Wendy’s Slimming World Experience

This week we hear from Wendy, who recently completed her first 12 weeks at Slimming World after receiving a FREE voucher from Achieve. With the help of her friends and family (some of whom also signed up to Slimming World!), Wendy has lost over 1st and is feeling excited and energised!


What did your lifestyle and diet look like before your referral with Achieve?

My lifestyle was busy and I often ate more than I needed to as a reaction to being stressed.


What were your motivations for making healthy lifestyle changes?

How I felt in my clothes was my motivation as I simply wasn’t going to buy bigger clothes as apart from being an expensive exercise, I simply just wasn’t going to allow myself to get to another bigger number!


How did you hear about Achieve and the Slimming World vouchers?

My physiotherapist told me about the Achieve FREE weight loss programmes at one of my sessions.


What progress did you make at Slimming World?

During the first few weeks my progress was slow as I adjusted to the programme. However, once my appetite adjusted from my usual diet to eating more ‘free’ foods I started to lose weight each week. During the 12 weeks at Slimming World, I did gain once and in total I have lost 1st 1lb so far.


Has your health improved in ways other than weight loss?

Most definitely! My overall health has improved as I feel better in myself and not so sluggish anymore. This is especially noticeable when doing everyday things like climbing the stairs at work and home.


What aspects about the programme did you like?

I felt a sense of belonging as the programme allows you to talk openly about eating too much or the wrong things. The programme provided me with the tools to change that for life. I make so many better choices now but still allow myself the occasional treat but in moderation.


Did you have a friend or family member supporting you through the programme?

All of my friends and family were supporting me through the 12 weeks. A couple of my friends have since joined in too which is great!


Are you looking to continue your healthy weight management journey?

Most definitely! I have already signed up at Slimming World for more classes!


What is your one key tip for living a healthier lifestyle?

Be true to yourself as only you can make the change. I do believe that when you have your head and mind in the right place, anything is achievable when you have a good support network!



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