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weight loss tips

Top 3 Weight Loss Tips for Summer 

In this week’s blog our Healthy Weight Practitioner Frauke shares her top weight loss tips to carry your weight loss journey right through the summer.  


You’ve done great, following our weight loss tips all through the tough winter months. The weather is better, you’ve worked hard on getting your weight to a point where you are reasonably happy to wear your summer clothes. 

But now you feel like you really just want to enjoy the summer.  How can you do that whilst also keeping an eye on your weight? Is it possible to have a good time without going crazy on the calories? 

Well, as someone that has worked in the weight loss field for a number of years, I can share some of my tried and tested top weight loss tips to enjoy the summer the healthy way. 


Top Weight Loss Tips #1: Be food smart 


One thing I have learned is that being prepared is half the battle. The better stacked up we are with plenty of fruit and veg, the more likely we are going to stick to snacking on those foods. Even when faced with alternatives. So why not take a few moments to make your cupboard and fridge summer-ready?  

Keep salads interesting

Summer is the perfect time to feast on salads. The important thing is to keep them varied enough to keep us excited about new tastes. This could be varying the type of protein we add (chicken, eggs, tuna, nuts and seeds, lentils – the possibilities are endless), having a selection of low calorie sauces to change the taste, having interesting crunch to add (from pomegranate seeds to nuts and seeds)

Make your own BBQ foods and marinades

Making your own burgers from 5% lean mince will significantly cut down on the amount of fat you consume. Pre-made marinades tend to be chock full of oil and sugar, so why not experiment with your own mix of herbs and spices?  

At a BBQ pick the smaller plate

Start by filling up with green salads before adding meat and bread. Resist going for seconds or leave at least 20 minutes after eating to see if you are still hungry.

Bring a healthy dessert

If invited to a BBQ why not bring a fruit salad? Or, for that ice cream craving how about blitzing a frozen banana with your favourite fruit to create a lovely and healthy sorbet.  

weight loss tips

Top Weight Loss Tips #2: Be drink smart 


I know, I know, everyone’s least favourite weight loss tip is “drink less”! But there’s no need to shun alcohol entirely. With drinks the main thing to watch out for is the “empty calories” – drinks that are calorific and not adding any nutritional value.

Reduce your alcohol consumption

An easy way to do this is intersperse each alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one. This way you’ll stay hydrated AND on top of your calories.

Pick lower alcohol versions of drinks

These generally contain fewer calories. I’m thinking spritzers, virgin cocktails (it is summer after all!), low alcohol wine and beer.

Upgrade your water

Staying hydrated is the key. Always have a bottle of water with you to make sure you stay hydrated. More often than we realise we may mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking enough can really cut down on calories. Bored of plain old tap water? Add a bit of summer pizzazz with fresh lemon wedges, cucumber, ginger or anything you fancy.

 weight loss tips

Top Weight Loss Tips #3: Keep an eye on the scales 

Last but not least: keep an eye on your weight, but don’t beat yourself up.

Weigh yourself approximately once a week

Preferably do this at the same time of day, as it gives a good indication as to whether or not your weight is staying stable during the summer.

Stay positive

Gaining a couple of pounds as the result of having a good time is a completely normal part of life. The trick is to catch it before the pounds turn into stones.  


Amongst all the preparation: please do make sure you have a fabulous summer! 

If you would like any more advice on weight loss, diet or nutrition, you can always contact us by phone or via our Facebook page, where we regularly share evidence-based advice and more weight loss tips.




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