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The Blog

Inspiring ideas…

In this weekly blog our guest contributors share stories from their own weight loss journeys to provide you with the tips, healthy recipes and motivation you need to achieve yours.

  • Yes, we all love the summer season. Brighter days tend to lighten the mood, plenty of time outdoors, evenings relaxing in the garden and of course: THE BBQ. This week, our

  • This week, our guest blogger, Linda, shares her experience of how a quote her father told her changed her mindset and approach to achieving healthy weight loss . . .  

  • Despite knowing the benefits of losing weight, reducing the risk of disease, having more energy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – it can be easier said than done.

  • This week, we hear from our guest blogger Linda on what it means to her to be kind to herself and feed on what gives her life. Be kind to ourselves – Linda’s ex

  • It is important we eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to reach the recommended five a day. The NHS recommends that we aim for at least our five a day (five portions

  • Have you noticed the hashtags we include in our social media posts? At Achieve Oxfordshire we like to promote our three ‘golden rules’: Eat Well, Move More and

  • Earlier this year, we shared a break down of the Eatwell Guide and recommendations for a healthy balanced diet. One of the suggestions from the Eatwell Guide is to “b

  • You asked, we delivered! We recently asked our Facebook group which nutrition topic they would like to see covered in our blog. This week we’re sharing some of the fa

  • This week, we hear from our Health Practitioner, Frauke. Frauke is sharing plenty of practical advice on how we can take small steps to increase levels of physical activity