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The Blog

Inspiring ideas…

In this weekly blog our guest contributors share stories from their own weight loss journeys to provide you with the tips, healthy recipes and motivation you need to achieve yours.

  • The prospect of turning 60 pushed Alyson to take up a 12-week Slimming World referral from Achieve Oxfordshire. Thirteen months and nearly three stone later, we caught up w

  • When you’re struggling to get out of bed early, the benefits of morning running may not be immediately apparent. The approach of marathon season has brought an increa

  • “I was excited about working for Thrive Tribe again, with the friends I had made in my previous role.” James Boult shares his experiences of going from Locality

  • It was a 12-week voucher for Slimming World that gave Celia the self-belief she needed to start losing weight. Eighteen months later, Celia has lost 3 ½ stone, is the proud

  • Weight loss often tops many a holiday preparation list, and with good reason, as fine weather, fresh food and a positive frame of mind combine to help you lose weight in su

  • Whether you’re looking to lose weight, exercise more or just generally improve your health, being smart about your goal-setting can make a huge difference to your lon

  • The negative impact of free sugars on our teeth and general health has been well-publicised for some time now. However, there also appears to be a great deal of confusion a

  • It’s time to get active! The link between physical inactivity and obesity is well established. What’s also gradually becoming clearer is the link between physical act

  • Lots of parents tell us they struggle with getting their children to eat their 5 a day. There’s also a lot of confusion about what counts as a portion of fruit or veg