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The Blog

Inspiring ideas…

In this weekly blog our guest contributors share stories from their own weight loss journeys to provide you with the tips, healthy recipes and motivation you need to achieve yours.

  • Is food free festive fun a thing? When we think of Christmas, we think of mince pies, turkey, pigs in blankets, Christmas pudding and of course, drinks! Whilst food is a wo

  • This week we’re providing you with our Christmas Party Survival Guide. With the festive season approaching, it can seem like we are constantly surrounded by food! Thi

  • It’s finally here – the launch of the Christmas sandwiches. One of the first signs that the festive season is fast approaching.   Christmas sandwiches ofte

  • Are you staying hydrated in winter? The Eatwell Guide recommends drinking 6-8 glasses of fluid each day. This can include water, low fat milk and sugar free drinks. Tea and

  • Today’s blog post is written by Mary from the Achieve Team. Mary recently finished her MSc in Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University and is here to provide you

  • This week, Frauke, one of our practitioners at Achieve, is here to unpack the science behind the winter cravings and provide us with tips to stay food smart and active in w

  • Have you been carving out your pumpkins in anticipation of Halloween? If so, you might be wondering what to do with the fleshy insides. Instead of throwing them out, why no

  • Men, this one’s for you! The majority of health, fitness and weight loss advice on the internet targets women, but doesn’t mean that men’s health is any less important. &nb

  • It can be difficult to stay active in winter when it’s dark on waking and by the time you get home. However, physical activity is a crucial component of sustained wei