Team Up for 2019 - Beat the January Blues - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Team Up for 2019 – Beat the January Blues

Christmas has come and gone and everyone is now embracing new year goals or resolutions. After a month of festivity and food, it can be quite daunting to make healthy lifestyle changes alone. That’s why this week, Frauke is encouraging you to Team Up for 2019 and get active outdoors with friends and family.


“After a time of over-indulgence it seems doubly hard to get back into some of those healthier habits that we have been working so hard at establishing.Whilst it can be difficult to take charge of healthy habits, why not Team Up for 2019 to make these changes more likely by doing so with a friend or family member?

Doing things together gets us committed, not just to ourselves but to another person.  We make ourselves accountable and it means we are more likely to stick it out. 

I’ve done a little bit of research for you, so here we are with my top 10 things to do together in and around Oxfordshire. Most of them are free or keeping the cost at a minimum. 


Join a Man V Fat Football League!

This one is for men only! Love football? Want to lose weight? John a local Man V Fat football team and play a 30-minute weekly football match. This innovative men’s only weight loss programme has great results! If you want to learn more about it, head to our blog and watch the Man V Fat Football explained in 1 minute video.

If you want to join up today, head to our Get Started page on the website where you can self-refer for a free place today!


Man V Fat Football


Walk around the grounds of Blenheim Palace with a friend 

If you’ve never been – Blenheim is beautiful any time of the year and the views from the grounds are spectacular. And if you just want to enjoy the grounds you can do so for free. If in doubt about how to get there or how to get in for free, you can find out more Blenheim Palace here.


Health Walk – join other walkers near you 

A health walk is a great way to Team Up for 2019 even if you can’t find a friend to join. There is plenty of dedicated walkers that offer a host of different level and length walks. And they do go on even in the darker times of the year. So why not join? 

Find out about walks in your local area here with Get Oxfordshire Active.


Go for a walking tour in Oxford 

If you fancy learning a little as you go along and being in a city rather than the country then the free 2 hour walking tour of central Oxford may just be the thing for you. It’s something you can do with family or friends and it’s said to be great fun!


Team Up


Get running 

If running is something you have enjoyed in younger years or even if it is something you have never considered until now: it is a great free way to exercise. And it does not have to be that hard. You can choose the app “Couch to 5k” or if you’d rather, you can also download the podcasts from the website for a week by week guide.

Again, if you Team Up for 2019 with a friend or partner may make it that much more enjoyable and means you can check each others progress and cheer each other on.  


Team Up


Climb St Mary’s Church Tower in Oxford 

If you are after something to do with family then this may be a good fitness option. While not completely free the tower in St Mary’s Church on the Oxford High street gives you the best views of the Radcliffe Camera and the dreaming spires. Entry is from inside the church and does currently cost £4 but it is worth it and is a good workout as long as you have no knee problems. 


Trial a free 1 day Day-pass in a gym 

Not sure if the gym is for you? Dreading the first entry there?  

How about just trying out a local Gym for free with a friend? 

A lot of gyms have got special offers for January or may offer you a trial session for free. You could even try out a few gyms for free before committing to anything. 

One of our partners the Park Club is offering a free 1 day pass. It’s worth taking a look! 

Why not put a date in the diary to give it a try together with a friend? And if you like it you may already have a “gym buddy” to go with… 


Losing weight Oxfordshire


Go on a “treasure hunt” 

How about getting the whole family involved in doing something more active by turning it into a game? There is the likes of Pokemon Go  and Geocaching that can be fun ways of moving about. A word of caution though: while initially free, some of the features later on may have to be paid for if you are wanting to continue.  


Join a Green Gym 

Fancy the idea of the outdoors but not keen on the normal gym experience? How about trialling out a so called Green Gym? Green gyms are volunteer run conservation groups that are running across the country and combine being outdoors, working on a gardening project with socializing. Everyone can go at their own pace and time tends to fly by. Why not check out if there is one near you? 


Exercise at home 

Don’t fancy the outdoors or going elsewhere to exercise? 

How about inviting a friend or family over for some exercise from the comfort of your own home. Whether exercising sitting, stretching or doing something like a 10 minute workout, getting more active doesn’t need to be hard or taxing.  

The NHS as well as the British Heart Foundation have got good little videos you could start with.


Combine your day to day responsibilities with activity 

Consider including more activity such as simply walking into the things you need to do every day. Walk your kids to school. Get off a bus stop further or use your upstairs bathroom only. Go for a brief walk with your colleague during your lunch break. These simple things can be included in your day to day, and the more you do them the more your movement and steps add up. 



So what are you waiting for? Just pick up the phone and call that friend or family member to join you to Team Up for 2019.”

Frauke Eicker


Well there you go! If you’re keen to Team Up with friends and family for 2019, here are a whole host of ways to reintroduce some gentle exercise into our day to day lives.

Looking for some extra support? Visit our Get Started page to find out more about how we can support your weight loss journey with one of our free programmes.