What we do - Achieve Oxfordshire
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How can Achieve Healthy Weight Loss Oxfordshire help you?

Lose Weight With Achieve

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss works with a range of partners to deliver from over 50 locations across Oxfordshire. This makes our range of FREE programmes easily accessible. In addition to our own “Lose Weight With” programme we provide FREE access to Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Man V Fat Football. There is also a range of invaluable resources on this website.

Weight loss Oxfordshire
Losing weight Oxfordshire

Our evidence based six-month programme is designed by our experienced Dietitians. The fortnightly sessions combine education and exercise to achieve sustained weight loss. The experience includes a healthy cook and eat session and an informative supermarket shopping tour! We partner with leisure providers to run from local centres across Oxfordshire.

Slimming world logo

We have partnered with Slimming world to provide a free 12-week programme. The weekly sessions offer a non-judgemental community that will support you with life-long solutions to weight loss. Click ‘Find Out Here’ to discover the best programme for you.

WW New

Weight Watchers have helped millions of people to live more happy and healthy lives over the years. The programme started as regular coffee mornings for people support each other in reaching their weight-loss goals. We have partnered with Weight Watchers to provide a free 12-week programme. Click ‘Find Out Here’ to discover the best programme for you.

Man V Fat Logo

Love football? Want to lose weight? Join a local MAN V Fat Football team and play a 30-minute weekly football match. Before the game, your team gets the chance to earn bonus points based on how much weight your team has lost. These are matches that reward your team for playing the game while losing the weight. Click ‘Find Out Here’ to discover the best programme for you.

Watch the video below from Man V Fat Football in Colchester to get an idea of what to expect!


Start to explore how our experienced practitioners can help you to discover new ways of enjoy great food without the guilt. From our free ‘Cook and Eat’ sessions to easily accessible information. Let’s ditch the disappointing diets and begin to love healthy eating habits.


It is surprising how tiny changes to your day can make a big difference. The health coaches at Achieve Healthy Weight Loss Oxfordshire are dedicated giving you invaluable expert advice. Get guidance from a professional to champion the change of your habits during every step of your journey and win the battle of weight loss.