Coronavirus & Our Service - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Coronavirus & Our Service: Update 6 – 08.07.20


Slimming World:


Slimming World are now taking referrals for virtual groups. If you have already been issued voucher then a SW rep will be in contact to set you up. If you are referring now, we will require you to call a number given at the time of referral and quote your unique reference number in order to be set up.




WW are still unable to take voucher users onto their groups however we are still sending out vouchers for when this is available



Coronavirus & Our Service: Update 5 – 02.07.20


Slimming World Update – Virtual Groups

You can refer yourself for 12 weeks free use of Slimming World here:

We will then contact you with further information






Coronavirus & Our Service: Update 4 – 07.04.20


Clients who are midway through WW vouchers


If you were midway through your WW vouchers when the face to face sessions stopped running: you can use the virtual sessions for free for now AND then restart where you left off with your face to face sessions once they’re back up and running!




Coronavirus & Our Service: Update 3 – 30.03.20



Updates for all current Achieve clients with Slimming World Vouchers:



If you have received Slimming World vouchers from us which you have already activated, do not worry, you will not miss out! You have 2 options:


1. You can continue your remaining sessions with Slimming World virtually. If you choose this option you will get DOUBLE the number of sessions that you have remaining. E.g. if you attended 2 of your 12 sessions prior to the sessions stopping, you can have 20 (10 x 2 ) virtual sessions!


2. If you’d prefer not to take the virtual option, you can effectively ‘pause’ your voucher and pick up your remaining sessions once they’re back up and running! So again, if you had attended 2 out of your 12 weeks, you can attend your final 10 weeks once groups are running again. Whilst your voucher is ‘paused’, you will still have access to the online resources but NOT to online classes.


If you have any questions surrounding this, please contact us at or call us on 01865 338 119




Coronavirus & Our Service: Update 2 – 23.03.20


In light of recent developments from the government in regard to COVID -19 we have put together the following help sheet for our clients.


Where applicable always follow the advice issued by the government


For more information on symptoms and what to do please visit the NHS website


If you would like more information or are worried about anything please call 01865 338119 or email



How will I be affected if I am already on one of your own groups?


For the time being we have stopped face to face and group meeting for our own courses (Lose Weight with Achieve). We are continuing the groups online via a video platform called Zoom. Your practitioner will be in contact with you to organise this. If you do not hear from them or are worried please contact us on 01865 338119 or at



I haven’t used my voucher yet, will it expire?


For the time being we have cancelled all expiry dates for vouchers. Please hold onto them and you can take them to our chosen group once WW and SW start again with face to face groups.



I have started my vouchers but now my group is cancelled, will I lose out?


Firstly, try not to worry! You will not lose out on any weeks of your classes. If you are halfway through your WW vouchers, you can join their online video chat workshops that they are holding. If you don’t fancy online workshops then that’s fine, you will need to ask your group leader to extend your voucher code once WW start up again with face to face workshops. If you are halfway through your SW vouchers, you will need to get in contact with them once groups start up again and they will extend your voucher by however many weeks you had left. Your SW consultant should be in close contact with you the whole time and will notify you of any changes.



Will I still have access to the online resources?


Yes in all cases. You can always find recipes, resources and tips on our website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are a member of WW then you will still have access to the online resources until your voucher runs out (after your remaining weeks when the groups have started again) and the same with SW.



Are you still taking referrals?


Absolutely! You can self-refer via our website or give us a ring. We are happy to send vouchers out for you to join WW or SW once their groups start up again or we can pop you on the waitlist for a Lose Weight With Achieve course.




Coronavirus & Our Service: Update 1 – 17.03.20


In light of the current situation nationally with COVID-19, we would like to inform our clients and clinics that Achieve Oxfordshire will be moving to a remote offering in the coming days.


Our priority is to protect the health of our staff and also the many clients that we support each week. Many of our clients that we work with are vulnerable with long term health conditions and, as such, we can better protect you all at this time if you don’t need to come into clinics.


Achieve Oxfordshire is currently working hard to establish effective means to be able to support you via online platforms and telephone based services. Please do not turn up to your clinic locations, and please note that there will be no groups on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Our staff will be in touch with details of how you can make use of these services to continue your clinic or group with us and details will be circulated to you in the coming days.


We would also recommend that you follow our social media pages to stay up to date with further news.


Should you have any further questions, please contact the member of staff you have been working with on your clinic or group. We are reviewing this situation on a frequent basis and we hope to be back to normal very soon.



As always, you can call us on 01865 338 119 or email if you have any questions!