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Moving More Over Summer

This week our Health Practitioner, Frauke, is here with a whole host of ways for you and your family to get moving more over the summer holidays.


With the summer holidays nearly upon us I thought I’d reflect on ways of moving more in the summer.

Over the years I have learned that when you’ve got kids as a mother you turn into somewhat of an “entertainer” as kids are always asking “mum, I’m bored. What can I do?”

So in order for me to always have an answer to the ever present “what can I do?” I’ve come up with a huge long list over the years. Here we go with some of my summer favourites. They are fun for just adults, too, but definitely work for the family.


Moving more in the great Outdoors:

1. Turn the screen off and go outside

This one might be so obvious that it doesn’t even occur to someone. But actually switching off that Telly, Computer or Computer Game is often the first step to more active holiday fun. Why not just spend some time outdoors for a nice long walk or to enjoy the garden?

2. Get your bike out and go for a ride

Yes, you might not yet have sorted it out. But getting your bike cycle ready is the first step to lots of fun times cycling. Why not encourage the whole family to a good old ride to a favourite location or for a good spin around the block?

3. Find your nearest “Green Gym” and have a go

Green Gyms are now far more widespread then we might initially think. Don’t know where your nearest is? Why don’t you check out your local council’s website or so to find out? Once you’ve found where it is make sure there is at least a couple of you going to make it more fun. And then just have a playful go and see how long you can make it. Inspired yet?

4. Build a kite and get it flying

This might sound a little bit old fashioned but is actually a great and a fun thing to do. You might want to find a simple instruction on how to build a kite on the internet, get the necessary materials in and then get creating. First step done it’s then on to the outdoor fun: find a place nearby that provides enough clear broad space like an open field and get flying that kite. You will be surprised at how much running around you do automatically just while flying it.

5. Try “Geo-caching”

Have you heard of Geocaching? No? It’s like a giant treasure hunt spread far and wide with little boxes of treasure and clues hidden close to where you are. All you need is a mobile that serves android or apple. Download the free geo-caching app and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to be out with a focus and keeping the excitement while searching for the next clue.

6. Go back to skipping – not meals but rope…

Yes, you’ve heard me: even Miranda Hart knows that skipping away has positive influence not just on your body but also on your mental well being. Try it – it’s hard to keep on skipping without starting to smile (especially if you try Miranda’s horse gallop….). So why not get out the old skipping rope? You might surprise yourself.

And a few activities for those rainy days:

While it looks like we are set for quite a hot summer it’s always good to have a few activities up your sleeves for a rainy day.

7. As a family try a “silent disco” – outside or inside

Heard of a silent disco? It’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays. How it works is that everybody brings their own music and dances to what they hear. So why not try it at home and as a family? Turn your living room into a dance floor and each take your favourite tunes and whilst listening to those via individual headphones dance away as you most like it. As everyone follows a different beat it absolutely doesn’t matter what it looks like. In fact that is what makes it fun!!

8. Try “exergaming”

Time for letting the screen encourage you to exercise. By turning it into a game. Now days there are a whole host of interactive games consoles available. Why not get yours out again or ask your kids to introduce you to the latest version of a game? They may well have some ideas or online portals they would like to show you.

9. Do a hoover or mop dance

House needs a clean and no time to play? Why not turn cleaning into fun by introducing a “hoover or mop dance”? Get your kids involved, take it a room at a time and try invent some new moves that others can copy while doing the cleaning at the same time. You might even get your kids to volunteer doing the next one.

10. Do “ad-cercise while watching a movie

Chilling out in front of the TV at night time can be a nice thing to do together. But why not use the ad breaks to get up and get moving? You could just keep standing up and down, do some squats, bicep curls with a tin of beans or whatever is handy. Again, actually doing this together can be both fun and breaking up boring advert times.

I hope that got your ideas flowing and that it might contribute to you having a bit more fun with moving more as a family this summer.


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