Man V Fat Football - Ashley's story - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Man v Fat Banbury

Man V Fat Football – Ashley’s story

Are you looking to TEAM UP for 2019 to lose weight and feel fitter? Not sure where to start? If you’re a man and love playing football, Man V Fat Football could be the league for you! Read Ashley’s story to find out how Man V Fat has changed his life.


Man v Fat Football Returns to Oxford City FC tonight!


What was life like before Man V Fat?

Before joining Man V Fat, I was very unfit and immobile. I was embarrassed about going out in public as I was abnormally large. As a result, I also found it difficult doing any physical movement.


When was the moment you decided to change?

I decided to change when I found out about Man V Fat, I felt like it was something I could get behind but not being intimidated by somewhere like a gym.


Who do you play for and what have the games been like?

I play in the Oxford league and recently started in the Bicester league as well! I play for Black Puddings and Bayern Munchies.


What differences has losing weight made in your life?

I have confidence as well as seeing my health get better. Losing weight has reduced my waist by 12 inches and my chest by 8 inches. In total I have lost 7 stone so far.


What would you say to other men thinking about joining Man V Fat football?

Don’t be intimidated by joining. Taking that first step is the hardest but everyone is in the same boat and are there for the same reason.



Inspired by Ashley’s Man V Fat story? You can start your own football journey today. It takes less than two minutes to apply for one of our free weight loss programmes. Visit our Get Started page to find out more.

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