MAN v FAT Football returns to Oxford City tonight!  - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Man v Fat Football Returns to Oxford City FC tonight!

MAN v FAT Football returns to Oxford City tonight! 

MAN v FAT Football – an FA-endorsed 14 week football league exclusively for the 56% of UK men who are overweight or obese – returns to Oxford City FC tonight! (12th February 2018)


Man v Fat Football is calling all local men who want to tackle their weight! You now have the chance to join this incredibly successful weight loss league. With 95% of players losing weight and some players losing up to 70lbs during the 14 week league, it’s no wonder that the Football Association have officially endorsed the leagues. The sign-up session takes place tonight (12th February) at 7pm.  


What is Man v Fat Football?  


Set up by Andrew Shanahan who himself lost five stone and was fed-up with weight loss classes just for women, MAN v FAT combines football with easy-to-follow diet and lifestyle advice as well as 24/7 online and offline support. There’s the traditional weigh-ins before each game, but this is then followed-up by a 30 minute game of six-a-side football. Extra goal bonuses are awarded depending on the pounds lost by the players, so it becomes a real team effort. 

Andrew Shanahan, Managing Director of said, “We’re thrilled to offer this to men across the UK. We’ve seen that MAN v FAT Football can have an incredible impact on the health of our players with 95% of players losing weight. 93% also reported health improvements, from curing sleep apnoea to huge improvements in blood pressure and joint pain. Across 2017 our players lost more than 7 tonnes in weight and we know that we’re going to smash that in 2018 with leagues like the one in Oxford.”  


The scale of the issue  


Currently, there are over 20 million overweight and obese men in the UK, accounting for nearly 7 out of every 10 men. The issue of weight has become such a concern that a recent report suggested that the government should treat this as the number one public health concern. Despite this, funding has been cut to local authorities and men are nearly 300% less likely to get support for their weight than women. MAN v FAT Football is one of the only options for men who want to lose weight. Fortunately, with more leagues launching across the UK, men who want to lose weight and get back into football now have an opportunity to do something about it.  


Success stories 


Chris Fenton joined MAN v FAT Football in January and has now dropped over 5 stone: “MAN V FAT Football gave me a kick up the behind and made me realise how bad my health was. I was then put into a group of lads who all had the same goals to play football and to lose weight. It gives me a focus and a desire to lose weight, and as the weeks go on I feel better about myself. I have more energy and for the first time I’m able to play with my kids without getting tired. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and would recommend it to any man.” 

The first Oxford league has its own success stories too, with participants collectively losing 187.6kg. Christopher Smith joined the league in October and has already lost 10kg: “I joined Man V Fat because I have always enjoyed sports but also always enjoyed food. Unfortunately, with commitments and job changes, food got the better of me and sports became harder. This was the perfect opportunity for me to do something I love AND the motivation to lose weight. 

“It was an easy to sign up and communication was good. Registration night was a small wake up call, with the weigh-in and gave me more motivation. I managed to meet some of my team mates and got to know them. Week by week, kilo by kilo, the weight came off and when my 5% was reached, my reward?? A trip to St Georges Park to play against all the other Man V Fat attendees/groups. Amazing, that losing weight and playing football can provide a lifelong football fan a chance to play somewhere where sports stars play week in and out. This gave further incentive. Now, after 10kg, 3 trouser sizes smaller and much more confident, I can firmly say that Man V Fat has helped me enjoy my life, my partners life and my children’s lives, much more.” 


Join now! 


MAN v FAT Football launches at Oxford City Football Club from the 12th February 2018 and runs every Monday 7pm-9pm for the next 16 weeks. The league is completely FREE of charge, working in partnership with Achieve Healthy Weight Loss Oxfordshire. 


Players can join up at and they can get more information by calling 0845 163 0042 or emailing