Man v Fat Football: Chris's Story - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Man v Fat Football

Man v Fat Football: Chris’s Story

With the third league of Man v Fat Football kicking off in Bicester this week, we caught up with one of last league’s biggest successes to get his take on the programme.


Inspired by Chris’s story? Sign up for the next league of Man v Fat Football by clicking the black ‘Get Started’ button!



Your full name: 


Chris Noone


Which MAN v FAT Football league do you play in?


Oxford City


How much weight have you lost? 




What percentage of your body weight is this? 




What was your life like before you joined MAN v FAT Football?


Night after night rolling in from work, usually shattered. I was always falling into the trap of dinner, crashing out watching TV and hitting my bed. Feeling like another day had gone by without me stretching myself to any great extent. Whilst my diet was balanced and varied (including many of the recommended food items), on reflection my problem was with the portion size of most meals and my desire to finish off any leftovers usually found in the pot.


Man v Fat Football

Chris ‘before’ Man v Fat Football


What was the moment when you decided to change?


Reaching a weight heading towards 100kg for the first time in my life. Also accepting that clothes might have to be XXL for the future all added to the realisation things had to change.


How did you find out about MAN v FAT Football and what made you decide to sign up?


Browsing social media & following MvF Twitter pages. While it was still some time off for the Oxford league to start, others leagues right around the county looked fun in the first instance, supportive and guiding without being preached to.


Who do you play for and what have the games been like?


I’m into my second season now with a team called Fry Light Green Tomatoes. Firstly playing at Botley but now based on the pitch in Oxford City. We were medal winners in our first season as the team of ‘biggest losers’ and as I write, we are four weeks into this season and again my weight is heading in the right direction. Starting at 97.6kg and currently 92kg.


What differences has losing this weight made in your life?


Feeling fitter, more challenged and added a new circle of like-minded friends.


What would you say to other men thinking about joining MAN v FAT Football?


Even joining a trial night & talking to participants would be beneficial. Give it a go, you won’t find a high pressure environment.

Man v Fat Football

Chris ‘after’ Man v Fat Football – 5.7kg down


Man v Fat Football takes place at Oxford City Football Club Monday evenings 7-9pm. The new Bicester league kicks off at Whitelands Farm Sports Ground this week, Friday evenings 8-10pm. You can sign up for a free place on either league by clicking the black ‘Get Started’ button and leaving your details with us.