Help Desk / FAQs - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Need a little help?

Contact our friendly team. We will be glad to help you.


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365 Online Referrals
Do I need to manually add my GP address to sign up?
No, on our referral form the box for ‘name or number’ is for you home address (where you would like your vouchers sent and the address we will have on file for you)
My GP surgery isn’t coming up on the drop down
Some surgeries are partnered or grouped with others and may have changed  their name. For example if your surgery is called ‘Long Hanborough medical practice’ but it is grouped with ‘Eynsham medical practice’ as their main site then you would need to enter Eynsham Medical Practice into the box. Some GP surgeries may also be registered under a different name to what you know it as, try entering the road name and number into the GP search. For example 207 London road for Bury Knowle surgery which you may know as Hedena Health.
My desired course is not showing
Please give us a ring on 01865 338119 or an email on and we can sort this out for you. It may be that our website has glitched or something wasn’t filled out entirely. Either way we can manually assign you to a course and issues you vocuhers/get you started.
What does service directory do?
We are working on this to show the locations of our groups and Slimming World and WW groups. We apologise this is not up and running yet. In the mean time you can see the locations of Slimming World groups here and WW here
The website says I’m not eligible when I believe I am
We apologise this has happened. Please don’t give up on your referral! Give us a ring on 01865 338119 or an email on and we can correct this for you.
I can’t sign up
We are very sorry this is happening. Don’t give up on your referral, please give us a quick call on 01865 338119 and we can sort this out for you. Alternatively pop us an email on
I signed up a while ago and haven’t received anything 
We are sorry this has happened. It seems as if something has gone wrong somewhere along the line. Give us a ring on 01865 338119 or an email on and we can chase this up for you. It might be that we have to order you a duplicate voucher.
Why do duplicate vouchers take so long to arrive 
When we order duplicate vouchers we have to get them from the Slimming World or WW head office. The head office then send them to our office in Oxford and then we can send them out to you. We know this sounds quite complicated however don’t worry, we will get your duplicate voucher to you. Just double check your address you provided to us is correct and sit tight until they come in the post. In some cases we can provide the voucher number directly to you or your group leader if need be, just give us a ring on 01865 338119
General FAQs
Why have a got a missed call from you?
We call all of our referrals whether it be a GP, HCP or self referral. Your motivational interview will help us assess which of our courses will be best for you and we can point you in the right direction if you decide this is not right for you right now. To get in contact with you please call 01865 338119, let us know your name and we will be happy to assist you. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and phone calls are not always continent.  You can also email us on and one of our advisors will be happy to assist. We normally call clients twice following a referral but don’t be afraid to call us in the mean time.
Why have I received a letter from you?
We send out letters to clients we have tried to contact twice and have been unable to get in contact with them. You have received the letter as you have either self referred to our service or been referred by a HCP for weight loss. If you decide weight loss is something you are interested in then please call us on 01865 338119 or email at Let us know you have received a letter and what your name is and we will be able to assist.
How can I refer to your service
You can be self referred by your GP or another HCP, talk to your surgery about this. Or you can self refer. Please follow the link here and we can get you started.
I have already had my vouchers/started my group, why have I received an unable to contact letter?
We apologise for this, it seems your paperwork has become muddled. Don’t worry, it won’t effect your course however please let us know by ringing 01865 338119 or emailing us at and we can shred your paperwork so this doesn’t happen again.
I’m on one of your groups why is my practitioner calling me?
We give our clients a weekly call just to see how you are doing and catch up on your week. This is your chance to ask us any questions or talk about any problems you have been having this week. If you would like to opt out of these calls please let your practitioner know