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autumn health

Keep your health on track this autumn

This week’s blog is from one of our health practitioners, Victoria (B.Sc. Human Nutrition and a Registered Associate Nutritionist). Victoria shares some tips on how to keep your health on track this autumn.

With autumn well and truly in full swing, you may have noticed that your eating and physical activity preferences are changing. With fewer daylight hours, colder temperatures and a lot of rain, it’s no wonder that our favourite summer salad has lost its appeal or that our jogging trail has become more of an obstacle course. These changes are totally normal but sometimes we need some help coming up with weather-appropriate alternatives!


autumn breakfast


1. Comfort Foods

Whilst comfort food often gets a bad rap, some of our classic winter favourites can actually be healthy, balanced meals. For example, using sweet potato or swede in place of mash potato in casseroles or on a shepherds pie can also be an easy way to sneak an extra portion of veg into your day. If you’re a porridge person in autumn and winter, choosing toppings like fresh fruit or nuts and seeds can be a healthy breakfast that keeps you fuller and warmer.


autumn health


2. New Season, New Food

A great way to stay inspired with food during autumn and winter is to shop seasonally. For example, plums, pumpkins and sweet potatoes all come into season in October. Trying a few new fruits or vegetables a month can be a great way of ensuring you are getting a variety of vitamins and minerals. Blending lots of vegetables into a soup is also a great way of doing this and the kids won’t suspect a thing! (You can see a seasonality table here)


3. Change it up to keep it up

British weather can be enough to put off even the most dedicated from stepping outside to be physically active. The new seasons can be a great excuse to try a new form of activity (one that is inside and dry!). You could get your friends round to do a DVD workout together, try that new dance class you’ve been eyeing up at or do some lengths at your local pool (not dry but it is inside!).


autumn health


4. Active between the screen

A lot of us may find ourselves spending more time in front of a screen in the darker evenings however this can be a great way to add little bouts of physical activity into your day. During the ad-breaks, why not get up and get active for those couple minutes. Whether it be doing squats, going up and down the stairs or even crossing off one thing off your cleaning list – it all adds up!




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