Four Exclusive Insights You Will get from the Achieve Oxfordshire Welcome Event - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Four Exclusive Insights You Will get from the Achieve Oxfordshire Welcome Event

Four Exclusive Insights You Will get from the Achieve Oxfordshire Welcome Event


If you’re a health professional based in Oxfordshire, you may be wondering if it’s worth coming along to the Achieve Oxfordshire Welcome Event on Monday the 29th of January.

Here’s four exclusive insights that will be discussed in-depth at the Achieve Oxfordshire Welcome Event.


1) We can help to improve your client’s experience

We understand that talking about weight loss is never an easy task! On Monday we hope to share a few new facts that could help you to approach these conversations with confidence. We will also be available to answer any questions your clients may have around our weight loss programmes to make the conversation as positive as possible.

Some of the resources can you expect to receive include a welcome pack equipped with high-quality printed posters, flyers, GP cards, pens and other freebies with information about our programmes that you can pass onto your clients.


2) You will find out more information about our partnerships with Slimming World and Weight Watchers.

By referring your clients to our service they could have the option between two twelve week programmes with some of the UK’s leading weight-loss providers.

How can a client decipher which programme is best-suited to their needs? And how will Achieve support them through the process once they have been assigned to a programme?

We will answer these questions along with any others you may have at the welcome event.


3) You will meet other health professionals in the county

We look forward to welcoming health professionals from across the county to the welcome event on Monday. This will be an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded professionals in your field that could share the same opportunities and challenges as you in their day-to-day roles – come along and share your experiences!


4) You will discover the specific benefits that each of our programmes can offer your clients.

Achieve Healthy Weight Loss Oxfordshire has been funded by Oxfordshire County Council to help residents in the county achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss goals.

We will run you through the referral process for our four programmes:

  • Lose weight with achieve
  • ManvFat Football: There will also be an opportunity to speak with ManVFat participants!
  • Weight Watchers
  • Slimming World


Our team are dedicated to our clients having a positive weight loss experience. Through the series of workshops that will be held during the event we will give you a detailed insight into what makes each of our programmes different and the varied strategies we use to address weight loss.


The Achieve Oxfordshire Welcome Event will celebrate the launch of the service on Monday the 29th of January 2017. Click here to register for your FREE ticket.

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