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4 reasons it's easier to lose weight in summer

4 Reasons It’s Easier to Lose Weight in Summer 

Weight loss often tops many a holiday preparation list, and with good reason, as fine weather, fresh food and a positive frame of mind combine to help you lose weight in summer.  


It may be the season of sun loungers, beach strolls and Sangria, but is it also easier to lose weight in summer? The evidence suggests it might be! Here are 4 reasons why: 


 1. Good weather encourages you to get moving 


Who hasn’t experienced the urge to ‘nest’ as the cold, dark nights begin to roll in? Winter weather and shorter days tend to encourage a sedentary lifestyle. You draw the curtains and embark on a carb-fuelled Netflix marathon. With the rain lashing down outside, the car seems a much more attractive option than walking or cycling. And who really wants to go for a run in sub-zero temperatures? You get the picture. No surprise then that studies have found a seasonal variation in physical activity levels. It’s easier to lose weight in summer because good weather encourages you to get moving. You dust off your trainers and rescue the bike from the depths of the garden shed. Ready to get out there? Read our 7 fun and easy ways to get active this summer.


reasons it's easier to lose weight in summer

2. You may be less likely to comfort eat 


During winter, the reduction in daylight hours leads to a lack of Vitamin D. For around 10-15% of the population, this can lead to a lethargic or semi-depressed state of mind known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Alongside sustained periods of low mood, two of the symptoms of SAD are craving carbohydrates and gaining weight. So while winter is characterised for many by a lack of motivation and tendency to comfort-eat, longer days and good weather bring a positive frame of mind and an improved ability to stick to your goals. This may make it easier to lose weight in summer.  


3. You drink more 


Prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight causes you to dehydrate faster, meaning most of us drink a lot more during summer to remain hydrated. As we often stress, drinking enough water is key to maintaining a healthy weight. More often than you realise, you may mistake thirst for hunger. Keep things interesting by upgrading your water with cucumber slices, orange segments or even some grated ginger. Staying hydrated discourages you from snacking unnecessarily and helps you to fill fuller for longer.  


it's easier to lose weight in summer


4. Healthy food tastes better in summer 


Have you ever eaten a strawberry in mid-December and wondered why on earth it tastes so bland and watery? The natural season for strawberries lasts from April to August, like many of your other favourite fruit and vegetables. Peppers, blueberries, cucumbers and cherries are all at their peak during summer months. This means they are easy to find in supermarkets at affordable prices, and taste far better too. Say hello to tasty salads and healthy snacks galore! 


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