Debbie's Slimming World Experience - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Debbie’s Slimming World Experience

This week we hear from Debbie, who recently completed her first 12 weeks at Slimming World after receiving a FREE voucher from Achieve. What’s more, Debbie Teamed Up with her good friend for extra support during her healthy weight loss journey.



What did your lifestyle and diet look like before joining Slimming World?

My lifestyle and diet before Slimming World were shocking. I kept trying diets and exercising but would give up when I felt I wasn’t making progress. I was then getting heavier as I was using food as a way to comfort myself.


What were your motivations for making healthy lifestyle changes?

My motivations for making healthy lifestyle changes started back in March this year when I had a blood test. I was told I was pre diabetic and needed to start changing aspects of my lifestyle to prevent developing type 2 diabetes.


How did you hear about Achieve and the 12-week Slimming World voucher?

I heard about the Achieve 12-week Slimming World voucher from a friend. They told me that Achieve were going to have a stand at Iceland. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the time off work to go, so I commented on the Facebook post. I then received a lovely reply advising me to fill out the Get Started form on the website.


What progress did you make during your 12 weeks of Slimming World?

During my 12-weeks of Slimming world I have lost nearly 25lbs!


Did it improve your health in ways other than just weight loss?

The Slimming World voucher I received from Achieve improved my health in so many more ways than just weight loss! The weight loss helped to reduce the swelling I was experiencing around my knees and ankles. I also feel like I have more energy as well.

In addition to this, my hbA1c blood test results came down from 46 to 35 as a result of the 12 week voucher. This means that I am no longer considered as ‘pre diabetic’.


Did you have a family member / friend supporting you through the programme?

It was my really good friend that told me about Achieve Oxfordshire in the first place! We have been going to Slimming World together and also exercise together, including Aqua Zumba and swimming during the week.

We are there to support each other in our healthy weight loss journeys. As friends we are there to pick one another up when having a bad day and stop each other wanting to eat everything in sight!


What aspects of Slimming World did you like?

I love Slimming World as I don’t have to count or weigh food. There are so many foods I can eat and still lose weight.
I also love my Saturday group that I go to. All the members are so supportive and our  consultant Vicky is fantastic!


Are you looking to continue your journey with Slimming World?

In short – yes! I have decided to continue my healthy weight loss journey with Slimming World as a paying member. I have already bought another 12 week countdown to keep me focused and continue my journey in 2019.

How  have you celebrated achieving your healthy weight loss?

Since losing nearly 25lb I now need a new wardrobe as my clothes are too big. So I’m off shopping!

What is your one key tip for living a healthier lifestyle?

Believe in yourself!



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