Client Testimonials - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Considering joining a Lose Weight With Achieve course but not sure what to expect? Have a read through our client testimonials to see how others found their experiences!

  • Not sure what to expect from Lose Weight With Achieve? Skeptical due to previous weight loss experience? Fiona felt the exact same when she was referred to our service. Now

  • This week’s blog is a special one! We have a poem written by a former client, Mary Clifton who recently completed a lose weight with achieve course in Banbury! We are

“The group was really good, I felt safe in a friendly environment, I wasn’t judged or criticised and learned new things to be healthier. The course is not based on a fad diet that is short term but rather a way to have a good relationship with food and take good informed decisions about what, when and how to eat and drink. Lots of things are common sense and I probably knew about them before however having a hands on approach on them and seeing quantities, broken down nutritional information and a healthier alternative was very useful.
Our practitioner was friendly, empathetic and supporting at all times which made it and even better experience.”

“I have always struggled with weight loss due to PCOS. Though I have not lost my goal weight on the programme, I have re-learnt the basics and have maintained my fitness and have become stronger mentally and physically. My body shape has changed and I no longer crave or over indulge in less healthy choices. It has been wonderful to do the course and I would recommend to anyone.”

“Since joining Achieve I feel I have changed my attitude to food choices. I have changed quite a few recipes and portion sizes but I have found this a bit challenging at times! When I socialise at weekends I find it hard to say no to alcohol but I have discovered that I can have a spirit drink with sugar free mixer so I don’t miss out when I’m out!”

“In many ways it has been a very positive experience. Very friendly practitioner and friendly course members. Information presented well – portion control measure useful, as was the plate diagram for meal contributions.”

“I would encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to attend the sessions and learn all the very helpful information. I am learning that weight loss is a process in which I need to re-learn to eat and to do exercise. The programme is very friendly.”