Christmas Party Survival Guide - Achieve Oxfordshire
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Christmas Party Survival Guide

Christmas Party Survival Guide

This week we’re providing you with our Christmas Party Survival Guide. With the festive season approaching, it can seem like we are constantly surrounded by food! This can be quite a daunting prospect for anyone who is trying to achieve healthy weight loss or be mindful of their food intake.


It is inevitable that we all may get caught up in the overindulgence of festive foods. There is nothing wrong with overindulging or eating beyond fullness on occasion. Issues may arise however, when this becomes a daily occurrence, rather than a celebratory occurrence.


But with Christmas parties, markets and not forgetting the Christmas sandwiches, overindulgence can easily interfere with every day life. This may lead to us feeling frustrated when we aren’t feeling so good about ourselves or experience a gain in weight.


Our Christmas Party Survival Guide is here to make us feel more confident when confronted with the Christmas buffet.


Christmas Party Survival Guide


Christmas Party Survival Guide


Drink up (your water!)

Keep hydrated. During the festive season we tend to spend more time indoors. When the central heating is blaring and we’re upping our coffee game as our morning pick me up, this can leave us dehydrated. This, combined with additional alcohol we may be drinking at the Christmas party is a dehydration double whammy! Dehydration can not only lead us feeling fatigued, but we often mistake thirst for hunger. Therefore, staying hydrated can help us be more mindful about the food choices we make.


Don’t skip meals

Trying to skimp on calories throughout the day in order to have a blowout in the evening? Don’t do it! Even if we think we will be eating more than our fair share, skipping a meal can lead to greater feelings of hunger and subsequent over eating. The cycle of restriction and over eating is hard work for our bodies and can leave us feeling lethargic and unhappy. Rather than skipping meals, we should be honouring our hunger and usual meal times, regardless of what we have planned later in the day.


Christmas Party Survival Guide


Arrive satisfied to avoid over eating 

Don’t turn up to Christmas events hungry! If attending a buffet style event or nibbles, it can be worth having a small nutritious meal before arrival. It can be easier to be more mindful about the food choices we make when we aren’t absolutely starving!

In addition, try sticking to one plate of food, otherwise it can be difficult to keep our portions in check.


Fill up on the good stuff!

Focus on fruit and veg! When attending a buffet or dinner, try to fill up on vegetables and lean meats. That way we may be less inclined to reach for the ‘beige’ options – crisps, crackers and pastries!


Christmas Party Survival Guide


Stick to what you know

Stick to what you know. Many of us already know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. It is important to try and stick to our existing healthy habits as best we can. That might mean keeping to our five-a-day, having an extra alcohol free day or limiting our sweet treats. By keeping to an existing routine, we can ensure that we are still eating plenty of healthy options whilst accepting that we may be having a few more festive snacks than normal.


Keep it realistic

It is also important to not set unrealistic weight loss targets over Christmas. Having some down time to spend with family and friends is  so important. At Christmas, you are more likely to create happy memories by attending Christmas parties and events that being stuck at home or in the gym for endless hours! Whilst this may lead to some overindulgence, it is important to remember that healthy weight loss is achieved over months and years, not in the four weeks that happen to be in December!


Christmas Party Survival Guide


As you can see, by using what we already know and a few tips from the Christmas Party Survival Guide, it is possible to have a healthy and happy Christmas.


Looking for some extra support? Visit our Get Started Page to find out more about how we can support weight loss with one of our free programmes.