Slimming Down for 60: Alyson's Slimming World Referral
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Slimming Down for 60: Alyson’s Slimming World Referral

The prospect of turning 60 pushed Alyson to take up a 12-week Slimming World referral from Achieve Oxfordshire. Thirteen months and nearly three stone later, we caught up with Alyson to discuss her holidays trekking in America, keeping up with her grandsons, and her determination to keep the weight off for life.  


Watch the video to hear all about Alyson’s 12-week Slimming World referral.  


Slimming World Referral


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Free referral to Slimming World


I got a 12-week Slimming World referral during Healthy Hospital Week at the John Radcliffe, where I work. I was walking along, looking at the stands, and somebody told me, “You get a free referral if your BMI is over 30.” I just replied, “I have no idea what my BMI is.”  

I was stuck in a bit of a rut with my eating. For breakfast, which I always had at work, I would have 2 buttered crumpets, maybe with some cold sausages. For lunch I always ate sandwiches and a packet of crisps, usually with a can of coke and maybe a chocolate bar. There’s very often cake and biscuits around at work, and I would just eat them without really thinking about it.  


“I’d battled my weight my whole adult life” 


I’d never really thought about going to Slimming World. I’d battled my weight my whole adult life, losing some but always putting it back on. I had no idea what I weighed when I first went. I think sometimes when you know there’s an issue you avoid the scales. You don’t look at yourself.  



At the Hospital Week event, I found out my BMI was 35, meaning I qualified for the referral. I went along to the Slimming World meeting, thinking everyone would know that I wasn’t a “proper member”, but it wasn’t like that. I was treated the same as everybody else. I felt very welcomed. My Consultant is Hayley and she is endlessly enthusiastic.


“You can eat loads on Slimming World!” 


This was a pleasant surprise – you can eat loads on Slimming World! Pasta isn’t a baddie, it’s what you put on it. The same goes for rice. So now I still eat lots. I still have my breakfast at work, but I take cereal. For lunch, the sandwiches are generally gone, and instead I often have the leftovers from the night before. What I’ve learned is to not eat out of habit, but only when you actually need to.  


“My aim is to lose this weight forever” 


I’ve been at Slimming World nearly 13 months and I’m a couple of pounds off losing three stone. It’s been an up and down route. I haven’t lost as much weight as quickly as some other people in group, but my aim is to lose this weight forever. My BMI is currently 29, so I’m creeping towards my target of 28, but I intend to keep going. The group are so supportive, and I really think the important thing is staying for the whole meeting. We all encourage each other if we’ve had a bad week, it really inspires me.  




I feel so different since my Slimming World referral. I’m fitter, because as well as losing weight I’ve incorporated some regular exercise. I swim three times a week, whether I want to or not, whether it’s frosty or not. I also walk more, so now instead of getting dropped at the bus stop, I walk there. Recently I had a 2-week holiday in America with friends and we did lots of walking. It was easy! When you’re not carting an extra three stone around, it really does make a difference.  


“This is it” 


When I started my Slimming World referral, I was 57. Now I’m 58 and 60 is on the horizon. I’ve battled with my weight my whole life. I’ve got two young grandsons, so I really feel that this is it. I’ve got to do it and stick to it forever.  


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