What does 400-600-600 look like? - Achieve Oxfordshire
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What does 400-600-600 look like?

Our 400-600-600 campaign has officially kicked off in Oxfordshire! Keep a look out for us across the county spreading the word about healthy lunchtime choices. Over the next four weeks we will also be bringing you a tonne of healthy eating ideas that fit within the calorie recommendation.


For those of you hankering for some 400-600-600 recipe inspiration we’ve put together this infographic of healthy recipe links that all come in at under 600 calories! How good do these meals look? Click on the pictures to be taken to the recipes.

Who knew that healthy eating could look so good!? Keep an eye out for more recipe tips and videos in the weeks to come! Got a great healthy recipe to share? Make sure you tag us @achieveoxfordshire in all your healthy recipe pictures!


You can find loads more 400-600-600 friendly recipes on the Waitrose, Sainburys and Tesco websites.

Sainsbury’s has a collection of meals that all come in under 500 calories which you can see by clicking HERE. 

Click HERE to view Tesco’s collection of Healthy Living recipes.

And all recipes in this collection from Waitrose contain less than 600 calories. Click HERE to check them out.


If you’re looking to stay on track of your calorie intake why not download our handy printable food diary?

And stay up-to-date on our 400-600-600 tour by following our Facebook page.